Marble Surface

My Story

Hi, I am Zeyda Broers

I am an accountability and productivity coach.

I am passionate about empowering entrepreneurs about their time.


As a former engineer and technical designer, I have a unique appreciation for structure and systems, for efficiency and productivity. 


I am not one of those naturally organized people...

I have a very active and creative mind.

I am an initiator and enjoy being on-the-go and having multiple pans on the fire.


Therefore in my own journey, I had to find tools that would give me a grip in this busy world.

I looked for solutions to the problems of procrastination, distraction, consistency, and how to build powerful habits that stick. 

Changing my own habits and developing new positive ones, 

learning how to get a grip on this busy world, profoundly changed the quality of my life.

It also gave me the ability to teach others, to do the same.

This led me to developing my mindfulness-based time and life management system for highly-driven professionals and entrepreneurs.

Marble Surface

By taking control over how you use your energy and time, you get to have a saying in what is happening in your life and any goal becomes achievable.

In times of change, in an unknown territory, like becoming an entrepreneur, becoming a parent, marriage or divorce… the balance as we knew it can shift.

My clients often come to me for help when they feel overwhelmed with what’s going on in their lives.


With my step by step method, together we re-create clarity, overview, order, structure and ease in mind.

My clients gain their feeling of control, become the boss of their weeks, get the right things done and learn to reach their life & business goals in a sustainable way.