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My Story

Hi, I am Zeyda Broers

I help ambitious entrepreneurs and their teams to bring order to their chaos.


As a productivity expert/trainer/coach, my mission is to empower you to become the boss of your TEA: your time, energy, and attention – the three pillars of personal productivity


This way, by strengthening your foundation, you can easily tap into the best of your potential and achieve great results without overworking or experiencing overwhelm and while enjoying a fulfilling personal life.

Marble Surface

As a former engineer and technical designer, I have a unique appreciation for structure and systems, for efficiency and productivity. 


After a high-achieving career in the fashion industry, while recovering from my burnout, I was sitting at home with an ocean of time in my hands but no energy or ability to focus, I realized that I needed to rebuild all three pillars and sustain their quality in the long term, to live a “good life”.


Step by step, finding my way out of my burnout, divorce, being a single parent, and then starting my coaching business, I built a new and fulfilling life from the ashes of the previous one.


I am not one of those naturally organized people… I have a very active and creative mind. I am a natural initiator and enjoy having multiple pans on the fire.


Therefore in my own journey, I had to find tools that would give me a grip in this busy world.I looked for solutions to the problems of procrastination, distraction, consistency, and how to build powerful habits that stick. 

Changing my own habits and developing new positive ones, and learning how to get a grip on this busy world, profoundly changed the quality of my life.  It also gave me the ability to teach others, to do the same.


This led me to develop my mindfulness-based time and life management system for highly-driven professionals and entrepreneurs.


By taking control over how you use your energy, time, and attention, you get to have a saying in what is happening in your life, and any goal becomes achievable.


It amazes me that the school system teaches us nothing about managing ourselves, starting with how to better manage our time, energy, and attention.


These three pillars are the strong foundations of everything we manifest.

Now I teach and coach other entrepreneurs about what I wish I knew long ago: the TEA framework for sustainable success.


My clients often come to me for help when they feel overwhelmed with what’s going on in their lives and their businesses.


With my step by step method, together we re-create clarity, overview, order, structure and ease in mind. My clients gain their feeling of control and learn to reach their life & business goals in a sustainable way.

The School of Joy is my way of sharing with the world, the tested and trusted, tools and methods for self-command for the best quality of life. From time management systems, to how to manage our attention, from positive psychology, to yoga, to correct breathing and mindfulness. All that works for achieving a more balanced life, to connect back, to the joy of living.

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