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More structure | More overview | More purpose
More rest | Less stress | More you time
More clarity | More energy | More progress 

Coaching with Zeyda

Getting the best out of your life.

And the best out of yourself.

Isn’t that what we all want?

But how do you achieve this?

We are faced everyday with a variety of choices and possibilities,

together with life's obstacles and limitations.

We often feel our best remains unused and our wishes and goals stay unattained.

It does not have to be like this

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My coaching program

My productivity coaching program is for entrepreneurs and business owners,

who want to have:

  • Better time management 

  • Less overwhelm 

  • Less distraction

  • Improved focus

  • Higher levels of productivity 

  • Bigger and better goals and results


We are not taught how to plan at school or work and most of us grew up in homes where planning wasn’t the strong suit of our parents. 


If we were never taught the skill of being productive, we are  left to our own means, while the world is getting ever demanding.


Regardless of your ambitions,

learning to manage your time and energy, and to plan effectively will change your life for the better.

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A custom path for you


Working with me as your productivity coach will accelerate your results and help you stay on track to achieve your goals.  


My coaching program is custom designed to help you:

  • clarify your goals,

  • prioritise your time and energy,

  • stay on track and

  • achieve your important goals

through power of coaching. 

A custom-designed path for you to achieve bigger and better goals

In the 6 months we work together ,

You’ll get clear on where you are and where you want to go.   

You will learn how to 

  • clarify your goals and vision, 

  • get clear on the results you want to achieve, prioritise your time, 

  • develop an action plan,

  • stay accountable, 

  • doing less to achieve the results you want,

  • stay on track to turn those goals into reality.

For greater growth and productivity, schedule a complimentary 30-minute strategy session with me today.

Time management skills are essential for every small business owner and entrepreneur who wants to turn their goals into reality.  


If you are struggling to manage time effectively right now because you feel overwhelmed or don’t have enough time in the day, then working with a productivity coach could be what you need to help you reset your goals, your priorities, and your schedule.


A coach will help you replace the feelings of complexity and complication with clarity, confidence, and focus. 


Coaching helps people achieve bigger and better goals in the simplest, easiest and fastest way possible by utilizing structure, accountability, and productivity expertise. 


My productivity coaching program is custom-designed to help you prioritize your time, clarify your goals, maximize your strengths, and stay on track to achieve more significant results, without the stress and overwhelm.

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Reduce Stress and
Achieve Your Most Ambitious Goals