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8 steps for clearing mental clutter

Do you want to create some space in your mind? Take these steps;

Eight steps for clearing mental clutter:

☘️ 1-Make a list of all your tasks and open loops in your life.

>> Instead of having it all in your head, it is more manageable for the mind to see it all on a sheet of paper.

☘️ 2-Prune your to-do lists.

>> A to-do list is essential but it is also a sacred space, not everything deserves to stay there just because it landed there once.

☘️ 3-Change how you think about multitasking.

>> One thing at a time is still the best approach to use the mental energy most efficiently.

☘️ 4-Rethink your thinking habits.

>> Practices, like #meditation and #mindfulness, helps you to tame your mind to create calm and also act as a mirror to see what is actually happening in there.

☘️ 5-Keep a diary.

>> At the end of the day, write -one page- on your diary, fill one page with your handwriting, writing down whatever is coming to your mind at that moment; all thoughts, emotions, experiences of the day-.

Acknowledging and pouring them on paper gives the mind a better perspective and therefore relief.

☘️ 6-Less screen time.

>>Scrolling down your social media feed and the wide variety of input from there, triggers many thoughts, ideas, emotions in a very fast pace, creating more for the mind to deal with.

☘️ 7-Clean up your actual clutter.

>>Physical clutter triggers mental clutter.

Each item whispering more to do’s from their corners, trying to get your attention to get done, till they are done.

☘️ 8-Eat, sleep and live well.

>> That is the foundation of all things in life that we want to build and improve.

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