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Are you a mind juggler?

We are so used to walking around with a head full of stuff 🤯

-That new project proposal from this morning, remember to call Jack to ask for advice!

-Mom’s birthday is coming, need to look for presents, and should speak to my sister for planning soon!

-Deadline of the tax declaration is coming, what's today's date again?

-Should not forget to bake those cupcakes for school for friday!

-Oh, there is a strange noise in the engine of the car again, I should call the garage

-and it goes on and on and on...

💥Most of the time, we are not aware of how easily we fall into the constant “emergency scan” mode.🚨🚑🚨🚁🚨

💥This is the continuous juggle, trying to keep all the balls in the air, in our minds.

💥Scanning through all the open loops that have our attention, to ensure that we did not fail on any of them, yet!

🌪It saps a lot of mental energy, and it is a big price that we pay just to feel a bit in control of what is happening in life.

💧We get so used to it that we do not question it or consider that there can be another way.

But there is another way!☀️🌈


Want to know more about how to create mind space? More posts are coming!

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