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Are your to-do lists working for you?

If you are reading this post, most likely, you already have some kind of daily to-do lists in your life..

The way you use your to-do lists is not only effecting your productivity but it also reflects the way you organize your thoughts.

If you’re like a lot of people, you use a daily to-do list as a reminder of all that needs to get done and you may even have the luck to check some things off each day.

The question is, are you using that system, -and therefore your valuable time- to its maximum potential? Are you getting enough done from that list each day, as it would please you?

If not, no panic.

It's a common feeling most people have at the end of most work days.

and I’m here to help you to get the best our of your days.

First let's start with taking a look at your current to-do list from today

Please take a moment to read through all the items on your list -one by one- , what kind of feeling does it give to you?

What does your to-do list actually contain?

Are all the items current? Are they all relevant to "today"?

Is it complete? or reading the items reminds you of other stuff that needs to get done?

In otherwords: Is your to-do list "dummy proof"?

so even when you are not in top shape, still with a simple glance at it, do you immediately know what to work on next?

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