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Give yourself the "permission slip" to slow down

Giving oneself permission to slow down...

it is a topic many women around me struggle with including myself!

There are many underlying factors ofcourse, one of which I believe is our upbringing.

Most of us were brought up by parents who were afraid to raise “lazy” children.

And so much has changed in the world from their generation to ours.

The gender roles in families, the amount of information we are bombarded with, the type of “untangible” work we are doing, but...

Probably the most important of all is the 24h economy we are living in now.

We live in a world that never stops spinning!

There is an optimum and healthy range of amount of activity between the”lazy” and the “overworking” modes.

Both are not good or not bad, per se.

We all know that both are needed at different periods of life and both are not sustainable in the long term on their own.

The magic is in finding the sweet spot in your days and weeks that has the right mixture for you.

This is what I call the “Sustainable personal productivity”.

Lazy or Overworking? Which mode are you in today?

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