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How to find a flow between your extremes?

We each have our "extremes", -these not rounded sharp edges, that make us, us!

For me, there are some activities that make me lose track of time completely.

And also a number of topics that are so important or interesting to me that I can fully dive into them and then forget everything around me.

Writing and curating for creating workshops is an example of this.

When I'm in the writing process, days can go by without me noticing.

The same goes for developing something new or figuring out how something works.

Then I also have the tendency to go to bed later because I simply lose track of time.

It seems like I'm in turbo mode.

On the other side of this turbo mode, there is also the “slow-in the cocoon mode”.

When I'm in it, I just can manage to do the simple things.

Or perhaps better said, it is precisely only the simple things that get done.

It's like my battery needs some recharging to be able to go after high-octave tasks again.

And if I take the time at those slow cocooning moments to recover, to rest, then I can go back to it all-in again afterward with ease and flow.

For me, this is a very natural rhythm

And now that I have been able to organize my daily life and my working life, as an entrepreneur

It became easier to follow the natural rhythm; knowing how the cycle goes, and why is needed, and how to best honor both phases.

Before that, I felt and noticed for a long time that my natural rhythm was maybe not convenient -in the modern society -where we expect from ourselves to work and produce results in flatlines and not in naturally induced sinus waves-.

The good news is that, with awareness and taking ownership -of our time, energy and attention- many uplifting adjustments are possible in any setup!

When you have complete control over your daily schedule, it is easier to arrange your life according to your own natural energy cycles.

And still, many uplifting changes are possible in any setup!

It is therefore better to see what is right for you;

You find a life rhythm that suits you and that you organize your life as best you can.

This prevents you from losing a lot of energy when correcting your natural energy curve.

It may now seem difficult to integrate this into your current days, but be open to finding your own perfect rhythm.

Start by thinking and feeling what would be suitable for you and then give yourself some time to make step-by-step small experiments and changes that brings you closer to your optimum rhythm.

In the coming posts, I will come back to this topic. 😉

For now two questions for you,

  • What extremes do you think you are experiencing -in your life at the moment-?

  • How do you deal with them to find back your balance?

And there is more today!

An exciting collaboration announcement! 👇

Being productive and visible while being in your own flow?

It is possible!

Me, as a productivity and structure coach, and Ugne Marchionno as a digital strategy mentor, have joined forces to bring some very exciting learning to you. 🤩

And we need your help to make this even better. 😊

Are you a solo-entrepreneur?

We would like to hear from you on a few points regarding your productivity and visibility as an entrepreneur so that we can calibrate our future in-person workshop to the next level.

And it gets even more exciting; as a token of our gratitude for your input, by filling in the survey via the link, we are giving / you will receive:

- 10% discount on one entry ticket to our future workshop &

-Plus a lottery entry to win one of the below three giveaways:

1. One entry ticket to our future workshop

2. 1-hour online Social Media review session with Ugne Marchionno / Aim2Wow.

3. 1-hour online Goals&Planning session with me Zeyda Broers / The School of Joy

Please join on this link, we are looking forward to hearing your valuable opinion soon!

The survey is open till November 10th, at midnight. 😊

Thank you!

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