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How to make your time work for you?

We all have the same amount of time.โณ

But some people are able to do more with it than others.๐Ÿ’

๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿป This is something that I remember from time to time with a funny smile on my face. ๐Ÿ˜

I love to help people understand where their time is going so they can choose how they want to spend it -or better, invest it-.

I earn a living helping people with strategies to achieve their goals faster. Through coaching conversations, I see how people make decisions and how the decisions they make with their time shape their lives.

Time management is also

focus management and energy management.

Today I want to share some of my favorite time management strategies to make your time work for you.

If you have a lot going on lately -or you are feeling busy but not productive- you will especially like it!

1-Mind how you spend your hours: Where we think our time goes and where it actually goes are often different things.

Once you know where your time really goes, you can make adjustments and take control of your time to use it how you want to.

  • Try tracking your time for a week.

You can achieve more with your time when "what you ask yourself to focus on" is a source of energy and excitement in your life, rather than something you find tedious and draining.

  • Do more of what you love to do.

2-Maintain your energy: As most of us know by experience, longer hours and longer to-do lists won't make you more effective or productive in the long term.

It's tougher to make the best use of your time if you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

  • Take regular breaks during the day and balance sustained periods of work with mini-breaks in between, to help you manage your energy better.

3-Work smarter & Set yourself up to win:

You can make your time work for you the best when you set yourself up to win.

The key is to clarify your vision and end goals to determine the future you want.

  • Work smarter by focusing on the activities, skills, and relationships that will help you achieve your goals.

4-Plan ahead & Think in weeks, work in days: The way to get out of the feeling of time scarcity is to think in terms of weeks, not days.

Friday or Sunday is a great time to plan the week ahead. Planning your weeks before you are in them gives you power.

You will feel clear, more confident, and more focused to take actionwhen you set your priorities ahead of time.

And this way, you significantly increase the chances they get done.

  • Each weekend, plan your week ahead.

  • Make a list of your three priorities for the week and plan them in your weekly action points.

You can take your planning a step further by planning each day the night before.

  • Each night, make a list of 3 things you want to get done the next day.

5-Narrow your priorities & Be intentional about your time: Your to-do list is not your priority list!

There are only so many items on our to-do list that are actual priorities. To make your time work for you in the most effective way, it's important to narrow your priorities.

  • Cut back your to-do list and focus on your biggest priorities first.

Being more intentional about your time means having an intentionfor it when you have the time.

There are also moments when life brings us pockets of unexpected free time.

You are far more likely to be more productive if you have a clear ideaof what would you do if you got more time?

  • Stay true to your needs and stay conscious of what you would like to do with your time when the opportunity arises.

This may be actually getting something done, but also can be a moment of rest or meditation.

I hope you found this helpful, and if so please feel free to share with others.

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