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My best tip for you

Every client working with me wants to achieve something more out of their life.

I often work with people who have started their own businesses,and before they came to me, they already have invested a lot of time, and money, working with business mentors, life coaches, training programs, certifications...

Although they are very motivated, they still fail to create consistent results with their businesses: “the results” that they need to see, in order to continue believing in what they are doing and to trust in its future.

They already have all they need -the knowledge, expertise, information, a plan etc.-, in order to take their business to the next level,

and they are driven to take get started and get things done!

But, when it comes to staying on track, we all face the same challenge;

Keeping up with consistent action -long enough-, to start seeing the results.

Because without changing anything else in our lives, sooner than later, that "important thing" gets buried under -the latest and the loudest- demands of our day-to-day existence,

leaving behind the bitter aftertaste of failure and disappointment.

I know how frustrating that can feel!

Maybe you do too?

Did you ever try running a next-level program on an old computer with an outdated operating system?

Sooner or later, the computer gets stuck, or the program shuts down -and that is only if you are lucky enough to get it running in the first place-.🤓

Because, the underlying foundation, the operating system can not keep up with the demands of the new program,

It eventually starts glitching; it has to!

If this “new person” that you want to become,

-the successful coach, creator, entrepreneur, business owner, you name it-

is still operating on outdated thinking patterns

that belonged to your older life, the “previous version" of you,

Until you make conscious decisions and have clarity about

1- where you choose to invest, your precious time, energy, and attention, - and

2- how you will -effectively and efficiently- do that?

The challenge gets harder -if not impossible- to become and stay consistent in taking action that leads to creating "the results" in your business.

That's why I focus on helping my clients create up-to-date structures and systems, for themselves, before taking on other business endeavors.

Do you remember "how it felt" last time when you had a brand-new telephone? 📲😁

All start feeling lighter and smoother at once!

Apps open at lightning speed, a lot of space for your photos and the battery keeps on going...

In a similar way,

once you upgrade to the latest version of your own operating system, you create the capacity to get in tune with and meet the needs of this new person you are becoming-,

Things start rolling more smoothly, more effortlessly, easier and faster in your life.

"Upgrading operating systems is my forte! 😉"

Want to get more of life?

Happiness, peace, joy, success, flow?

Working with my solopreneur clients, I see it again and again...

Creating -and following- your own personal, holistic, well-thought-of weekly structure is profoundly helpful -for anything you want to achieve in life-.

As complicated as all of this may sound, the process is quite simple!

My best tip for you is to start creating your (weekly) routines and structures as soon as you can. 🤓

This time I have 2 questions for you:

1- From 1 to 10, how conscious are your decisions when it comes to where you invest your -time, energy, and attention-?

2- What is happening in your life week by week? (Is your weekly routine -at the moment- supporting the goals&dreams you are going after and the new person you are becoming?)

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on this 😊, feel free to send me an email anytime!

With gratitude,


P.S: I am very very enthusiastic about our coming in-person workshop coming Thursday, Dec 15th. 🥳

👯 Ugne Marchionno (Aim2Wow) and I collaborated to create this unique workshop, in which I will be telling a lot more about creating your ideal weekly routine, and Ugne will be doing her magic about strategy and methods for consistent online visibility. Juicy! 😋

Thursday, December 15, 09:30 - 13:30, The Hague

Workshop: Find your business flow, Productivity and Visibility for Success

Longing for the feeling of control over your week and your days and having a system to be constantly visible so you can build a solid “expert” positioning with ease?

We know it well, entrepreneurial life is an intricate dance between business and personal responsibilities, and it can get tough at times!

We have the solutions for you!

Join us this Thursday! 😊 by clicking on the below button!

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