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Take Ownership of Your Time, Energy, and Attention

See the article here on FEM magazine by House of Hives

By taking control of what you choose to prioritize and how you use your energy and time, you have a say in what happens in your life, and almost any goal becomes achievable.

A conversation with Zeyda Broers

When you know how to be the boss of your time, energy, and attention, it is easy to stick to your resolutions, make realistic plans, stay on track, and reach your goals. It helps you to create a balanced and meaningful life for yourself, and from that place, you are always ready to step up to make an impact on the lives of others through your work, your vision, and your purpose.

In times of change, such as when you start your own business or when you are taking the next steps for growth and expansion, the balance you knew can shift dramatically. You may feel lost and uncertain, as though the ground beneath your feet is no longer stable.

This is where a system can be of great assistance. It provides clarity, overview, order, structure, and ease of mind. With the right guidance and support, by taking the right steps, you can gain back control, become the boss of your productivity, and learn to reach your goals and grow sustainably while living a balanced life.

With this power, you can create the life you desire for yourself (and your loved ones).

See the article here on FEM magazine by House of Hives

About Zeyda Broers

As a former engineer and technical designer, I have a unique appreciation for structure and systems, for efficiency, and productivity.

I am not one of those naturally organized people. I have a very active and creative mind. I am an initiator, and I enjoy being on the go and having multiple pans on the fire.

Therefore, in my own journey, I had to find tools that would give me a grip on this busy world. I looked for solutions to the problems of procrastination, distraction, and inconsistency, and how to build powerful habits that stick.

Changing my own habits and developing new positive ones,

learning how to get a grip on this busy world profoundly changed the quality of my life.

It also gave me the ability to teach others, to do the same.

This led me to develop my mindfulness-based time and life management system for highly-driven professionals.

Check out my latest program here

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