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The 3 pillars of personal productivity

Today, I would like to tell you about managing your T.E.A. ☕😊

Every productivity problem I help my clients solve can be traced back to -one or a combination of- these three areas:

  • Time management

  • Energy management

  • Attention management


Time - Energy - Attention

These are the 3 Pillars of Personal Productivity.

You need to have all 3 three pillars to support you on managing your productivity.

In other words, Time, Energy, and Attention are the three currencies you must master if you want to reach your full potential.


Let’s break these down one by one

Pillar 1: Time

The first pillar of productivity is Time.

Time management is about creating margin by adding systems and strategies in your life to make things as efficient and effective as possible.

If you’re brand new to working on your productivity, the place to start is probably Time.

If you don’t have time to do the things that will get you to your ideal future, it doesn’t matter how much energy and attention you have.

Pillar 2: Energy

The second pillar of productivity is Energy.

Once you have the time to do the things that will create your ideal future, you’ll need to manage your energy well in order to take action.

Energy management is not only about increasing your energy, but also discovering your natural energy levels at various points during the day and adjusting your daily program accordingly to make the best of your days.

If you don’t have energy then you won’t be able to follow through and take action on your important projects.

Managing your energy will help you overcome procrastination and achieve your goals with consistent action.

Pillar 3: Attention

The third pillar of productivity is Attention.

If you set aside time to work on your important projects and have the energy to do so, you still won’t get much done if you don’t manage your attention and are constantly being distracted.

You must be able to not only select the right tasks to work on, but also eliminate distractions and interruption so you can get them done.

Attention management is about working on what matters and staying on course as you create your ideal future.

Being able to focus that energy in a specific direction will allow you to build consistency and momentum. So, now I would like to ask you 👇🏻

What will you do this week

to protect and manage

your T.E.A. ?




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