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The one most productive weekly habit

Today’s post is about the personal practice of “Weekly Review”.

“Weekly review” is about dedicating time to living your life with intention.

Daily stand ups, weekly team meetings, monthly check-ins with your manager…

These are common practices, willingly or unwillingly we take part in, to align on and reach the goals we have in the workplace.

But when it comes to managing our own lives, not so often we consider setting up check-in moments with ourselves.

Without taking a moment to slow down and catching up with what is going on in our lives and in our minds,

it is very easy to go into survival mode or fall back to living on auto pilot.

“Weekly Review” is the practice of periodically taking a step back from the daily grind, taking the opportunity to get realigned with your goals, to ensure that the work you're doing helps you reach them.

It is about proactively planning for the week ahead you, getting a control over it, viewing it as a whole.

It has 3 components:

  • Get Clear; collect and process all loose-ends that has your attention at the moment.

  • Get Current; make sure you and your lists are up to date, reflecting what is going on in your life and in your mind.

  • Get Creative; come up with new ideas and define goals to improve how you live and work.

The most important part of becoming more productive is making time every week for a weekly review.

But being constant isn't easy.

Life is busy.

We live in a go-go-go society where work – any work – is expected of each of us, all the time.

There will be many times you won't feel like taking an hour off to focus on the bigger picture.

That's why it's very important to create the HABIT.

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