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There will always be too much to do

It was a very busy week for me.

Catching up on emails, zoom calls, phone calls, ongoing weekly lessons and sessions, studying, preparing for new workshops, creating new lessons, webinars, the parent-teacher meeting, visit to the doctor, flat tire on my bike, house chores and it goes on and on and on.. you get the picture...

I have ticked off many tasks from my to-do list!

And then watched many new tasks being added,

almost magically, to my never-ending list.

You can sense my irony 😉


🎈A whole work week goes by…

We respond to emails, we go in and out of meetings, we write reports...

We do those millions of little things that demand our attention.

It's easy to forget to take a break when you have work piling up on all sides.

Sometimes, it can feel like there’s too much to do.

Definitely too much to justify taking a day off.

No computer? No email? No work? Are you crazy?

➡️But maybe, not taking that time off is crazy!

🌟 Why?

➡️Because work is a given.

➡️Because there will always be more work to do no matter what.

➡️Because you will never have enough time to finish it all off.

☀️And this realization can be ultimately liberating…

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