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What is it that you want?

We all do effort and work towards the things we want.

But is it always clear what is it that you want?

Our "wants" mostly have layers like a Matrouska doll.

I want to succeed in this project

So that I can get that promotion

Salary raise and the lease car that comes with it

I will then feel more secure about my future

I can show my success to my partner/parents/colleagues/neighbours

The car will make things easier in the mornings, kids will love their relaxed mom/dad

and the list can go on...

Looking in the core, all that work is done for reaching to a point of feeling "secure" "seen" "appreciated" "loved"? Never for the sake of the mere success in that project.

If you are enjoying what you are doing and you are happy with the life you are living, then you have a good alignment... But if you are grinding your teeth all the way through that project that you want to succeed, it might be a good moment to take a moment to tune into yourself.

So I invite you to take a look at your to do/tasks list for today, any challenging one popping up?

What is "feeling" you want to reach when you get done with that task?

Now that you know that the real deal is this feeling, could you soften the energy around the challenging task?

And seeing it as a tool to reach to where you want to go.. Could you find creative tweaks to make it easier to reach to your "real goal"?

Photo byHannah OlingeronUnsplash

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